Monday, February 18, 2013

Yupo workshop

Thursday Feb. 14, I attended a day long workshop on working with Yupo at FMBAA with Julie Nusbaum.  It was a very lively workshop (full house) and we had a great time experimenting.  I came home with 9 pieces...all of which are still in the "working on it" phase.

The technique we used to produce these she called "twin prints."  Two pieces of Yupo, both lightly spritzed with water.  On one piece of Yupo place dots of paint (straight from the tube) in your choice of colors (triad recommended for those who couldn't decide.) Next, with gloved hands, we "activated" the paint dots by dipping a finger in water and rubbing around in the paint.  At this point we were trying to keep the colors separated.

Dots on one of the moistened sheets of yupo

Smearing (activating) the paint with a little water on gloved finger.  One finger per color.  ;-)

Next, do your twin print by pressing moist surfaces together and rubbing around the top piece.  Often, she would swirl around the top sheet as she pulled it off...or lifted and moved, lifted more and moved...

From one of the twin prints she made another print and worked on it with various methods, much as you would to texture any watercolor painting.

She showed us how to create a rose by cutting out a "stamp" shape of rose petal from yupo.  Mix up your paints on the yupo if you want to.  Mash the stamp into mixed paint and "stamp" rose petals.  Later she added a stem with green mix.

The following are a few of the nine pieces I did that day.  I'm going to try smaller pieces and use two colors with white for the next experiment with yupo.

 Over the weekend I watched a Gerald Brommer video on Collage and Watercolor and started working on a few small abstracts.  First step was to take a few colors of watercolor paint and create a cruciform with negative spaces that were each unique.

Next, the instructions call for using various neutral rice papers and apply them to the painted areas with glue.   I used YES glue and kinwashi rice paper I was able to purchase from the Ft. Myers Beach Art Center for $4/sheet.

I will work on these tomorrow in the Experimental Group by adding more watercolor.

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